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Services Offered

What kind of coaching do you offer?

Personal Life


Non-business related.

Business and Professional Coaching

Career and leadership focused.

Leadership and Workforce Coaching 

Non-profit and
for-profit organizations.


Through Retirement

Helping transitioning into the next chapter.

Who are your clients?

  • People who are facing a beginning or an end in their professional or personal life

  • People who want to develop an action plan and follow through with it

  • People who want to make small, yet impactful, changes

  • People who are unsure about a decision and want clarity

  • People who need a sounding board for their ideas and plans

  • Leaders who wish to improve their employment culture

  • Organizations who wish to hire a coach for the rising employee stars


Do I need a coach?

If you are unsure if coaching is right for you or your organization, contact me.

We can discuss your goals and answer some questions together.  

We can work together to find an ideal meeting space. Possible options include meeting on the phone, on a video call, in your workplace, or over a cup of coffee. 

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