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Decades of leadership experience, focusing on maximizing people's importance to the overall culture, have provided Laura ideal coaching tools.  An effective holistic coach, Laura is well-prepared to serve her clients -- Business, Executive, Career, Personal, Life.  

A recently retired Executive covering the fields of Human Resource, Operations and Administration in the Corporate, Private, Academic, and Health Care fields, Laura has served under the mantra of “People First” in all decisions, positions and actions.  


Earning her masters degree in Human Dynamics and Leadership enhanced Laura's ability to effectively work with a variety of Higher Education Presidents, Corporate CEO’s and Board Chairs.   Within their vastly different styles and philosophies, Laura successfully introduced, and harnessed the power of, a "people first" culture to foster an organization's overall health and thus, its bottom line success.   


Laura earned the professional designation of Certified Coach in 2020 through the Coach Training Alliance and is also a member of the International Federation of Coaching.

Laura continues to serve as an Officer of the Second Sense Board of Trustees.  There mission is to inspire individuals to move beyond vision loss and believe in their abilities to learn new skills, build confidence and realize their value in our community.   

Throughout Laura’s vast experiences, she has served on various boards and committees, performed community service activities,  and participated in the Vistage executive association.

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